Are you being bullied?


More than 30% of all school aged children experience some form of bullying. This percentage goes up to 90% if you are a 4th to 8th grader!! Why? Most kids at this age are trying to fit in with the "COOL" kids. Some think if they make fun of anyone who will take it, they can get the attention of other kids to think they are cool or funny.

Bullies learn how to bully from someone else.  Sadly, studies show most bullies get bullied by someone at home. Tragic... Isn't it?

There are many reasons why people bully but for now, your job is to learn how to protect yourself.  You have all the strength you will need inside of you to shield yourself from nonsense criticisms or any other form of bullying.  Learn how to rise up to bullying in a strong, calm and effective way.


3 lessons to remember:


1. You are NOT to blame!

If others are picking on you, the problem is not you. You are unique and your uniqueness is what we all need!! Everyone is here for a reason. You need to be you but stronger, more compassionate, more loving and kind ... but always stay authentic.  Once you understand that the problem is not you, you can stay calm. Your calm is like a protective shield that hurtful words can bounce off of!!  Also bullies bully to get a rise out of you.  If you show no reactions, they will eventually stop bullying you.

2. Know the DOs and Don'ts

If you're approached by a bully, first ignore and walk away. NEVER hide in bathroom or somewhere remote that you think the bully won't find you; a lot of incidents has happened in bathrooms and places where nobody can be found. If they continue to bully you, use your strongest voice and tell them to "STOP", "KNOCK IT OFF!" or "LEAVE ME ALONE!".  Make sure you mean it! Practice in front of a mirror to make sure your facial expression and voice demonstrate your strength within. If the problem continues, you need to tell a trusted adult. The bully will almost always say to you something like: "Don't you dare tell anyone or ..." Don't listen to that nonsense! Telling is not tattling.

3. Stay Safe

The best way to stay safe is to be with a friend or even better, bunch of friends. If you don't have a friend yet, try to stay in a crowded place. Part of staying safe is to make sure no one hurts you so if the pain is too much, never hurt yourself either. That will not solve anything. If you are down and depressed, please inform your parents/caretakers and if no one is around to help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-TALK (8255). No one will have to know about it. They provide 24hours / 7days a week counseling for free whenever you need it. You can also go online to: and get the support you need.


These videos are picked just for you to demonstrate a few important  points you should know to be able to rise up to bullying with strength and resilience. Thank you for being your authentic self and keep shining! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Bullying is so hurtful... do you ever wonder why some kids bully? It's specially upsetting and confusing when the one bullying you is your friend... or pretends to be your friend. Learn from our super teacher Ms. Brenda Lana and Brian Davonport what to do if it's happening to you. 

Fighting back physically is never the answer and can get very dangerous. Sometimes the bully may even have a weapon. Always use your words. Confidently say: "Back Off!", "Stop it!" or  "Knock it Off!" and if the bully doesn't leave you alone, tell an adult.

Check out this great video, follow the steps and take notes. Remember to be your amazing unique self always. 

Do you know what's the best way to make friends? Try to see what's good in people and give them a compliment!  When you make someone smile and bring joy into their lives, it makes you both feel really good and helps you connect with someone you'd like to be friends with. This video was done by Shea and has over 20 million views!!

Bullies look for those who are alone. If you're alone, find some other child who's alone too and ask him/her if you can be friends. Ask more lonely kids at your school to join your group and pretty soon there's be no one alone at school. Together you'll be stronger, have more fun, and can protect one another against the bullies.

Are you different and people keep picking on you? Take it as a compliments because those who are different or who think differently than others are the movers and the shakers of the world. Be proud of who you are. Know that we need you so you have to keep yourself safe and NEVER give up!!!

Do bad words really make you feel bad? It can actually make you feel sick!  If you hear negative words, try to refrain yourself from saying something mean back to that person because the effect on your own body is definitely not pleasant. The best thing to do is to not let in those negative words take root in you... replace the negative mean words spoken over you with a few kind and loving labels you know to be true about yourself. Walk away and say to yourself: I am kind, I am beautiful, I am compassionate, I am smart, I am strong, I am .... Watch this important video from Dr. Emoto and see how science can prove this point.

What can you do when you're bullied or teased? Is there anything you can do before telling an adult? What if you tell an adult and the adult doesn't pay much attention to it? Remember... telling is not tattling. Protecting yourself and others should always be your #1 priority.

Do you think you are different that others?  Wait until you meet Lloyd Bachrach!!  And yet, nothing stopped him from becoming a champion gymnast and a successful businessman.  Learn more about him and how he refined his abilities to overcome his challenges.

Lloyd is right: "It's good to be different and we are all different".  Be proud of who you are and support your friends that may feel left alone because they feel different. Be a good friend and you will benefit too. The world needs to know diversity is a blessing

Have you ever thought what would happen if you fight back the bully? Learn from Lloyd to know fighting back does not solve anything and will turn you into a bully.  Bullies end up having many psychological problems as adults and you don't want that. Also, you have to have compassion for them because they are usually bullied by someone at home. You can always talk to an adult, get help, but try not to hurt anyone. 

This video has had over 175 million views since 3 years ago. It reveals, so beautifully, how it feels to be bullied but also inspires us to stay hopeful. "Hopeful" by Bars & Melody.

An important video that promotes "Speaking Up" when it comes to bullying. You don't want the bullies to continue to bully you or others so it's very important that bullying is reported and documented. Remember that telling is not tattling. It also gives you some really good tips about what to do when you're bullied.