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Shocking stats of 2019 and Ability Awareness Project's solution. 


Special thanks to Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce and the City, we participated in the annual Hospitality Night in Laguna Beach to bring kindness to the community. We had "Spin the Wheel" and coloring activities for children... They all received "Be a Friend" bracelets and Pledge cards. We had the whole community participate in taking what they need and pay it forward on our Kindness Wall and take pics at our Be The "I" in Kind step and repeat banner... and much more.

On our "Day Of Kindness" event on Nov. 9, 2019 in Laguna Beach, volunteers offered "Eye Contact", "Free Hugs", "Sit with Me", "Meditate with Me", "Dance with Me" and "Sing along with Me" experiences.   We gave 6 “Cool to be Kind” awards to our musicians who made our event so incredibly special.3 "Courage to be Kind" awards given to "Donna Mee", "Brent Blossom" from StrikePoint Media and "Giovanni Labile". Our 2019 "Local Kindness Hero" was awarded to Mr. Dan Safkow. Special thanks to the City of

Meet Maya, Ability Awareness Project's Youth Ambassador of 2018-2019 leading the Kind And Safe Schools Club at Sage High School, Newport Beach. Nominate your child to be our Youth Ambassador and we will help them set up kindness programs at their school.

This is the video from our 2018 Public event. We need to take it upon ourselves and make it our responsibility to include the excluded, to care about the disabled, the wounded and the hurt people.  We’re starting today, taking a pledge, getting out of our comfort zone, putting away our phones and making a human connection with one another. Because we care, because we can choose to be non-judgmental and kind, because we know we’re all in this together. We’re all human and we all matter. Time to wake up from this illusion of separation we have created, break down the walls and be better. Today we say: “I am the other you and I love you just the same”. We are and we must because the status quo is unacceptable and we can not afford to lose another child to bullying.

Ability Awareness Project is also a Raktivist with Random Acts of Kindness. This video shows the scientifically proven benefits to being kind! It is contagious, teachable, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

Ms. Kelly McKinnon Bermingham,  MA, BCBA, Director of Behavior Intervention at the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Santa Ana, and owner/clinical director of Kelly McKinnon and Associates in San Juan Capistrano, California. Kelly McKinnon explains the importance of Ability Awareness Project and our responsibility as parents and educators to create a safe bully-free environment for our children.​

This is one of our videos we use at our presentations. Our bodies are 60-70% water. This powerful video is scientific proof that words can hurt or words can heal.

Please watch this video with your children to show them people with disabilities are amazing and can do so much if they focus on their abilities. They all deserve to have a friend so be a friend to someone who may have visible or invisible disabilities. 

Share with your children that they can lift someone's spirit and make a lasting difference with just one compliment or word of encouragement. This video shows the visible change in their eyes as these people are told that they are beautiful.

Ability Awareness Project is an Official Founding Member of World Kindness USA and our founder, Shadi Pourkashef is the Goodwill Ambassador of World Kindness for the City of Laguna Beach. On 9/11/2018, the Laguna Beach City Counsel unanimously signed the Resolution to join World Kindness USA. Our board member, councilman Steve Dicterow, has been a dynamic and powerful force behind our mission. Mr. Michael Lloyd-White, CEO of World Kindness USA attended this historic event as well and delivered a passionate speech.

Check out this great video. Laguna Beach PD's Anti-Bullying Campaign featuring Tony Hawk and Captain Jeff Calvert.

Does playing too much video games make you more aggressive? Does it increase bullying behavior? Super Teacher, Brenda Lana explains how balance is the key.

Children sharing their painful stories of enduring bullying... a very informative video on bullying statistics making us realize how we can no longer afford to let this continue.

Our Laguna Beach Firefighters can't stay away from the heat!! Our Hero's who fight fires 24/7 and then make us hot breakfast on Labor Day when they should be resting!!! So with the help of our community we made them a big thank you card, leaving them messages of love and kindness.

Even though this is no laughing matter, this short segment by Comedy Central reveals the true reason of how those who are bullied can become bullies, getting into the root causes and the cycle of this never ending painful abuse. 

Science CAN prove how interconnected we are. This video by Heartmath shows how we can all collaborate in creating peace in the world.

This video by Burger King shows how people, even adults have a hard time stepping up to defend a child getting bullied.

Watch home video of a father disciplining his son, and hear Dr. Phil's message to the man.It's so hard to know to parent a child on the spectrum. This heartbreaking video is a good reminder for all of us to keep talking calmly and respectfully to our children, keep loving them, keep giving them words of affirmation to lead them towards becoming individuals who are able to regulate and express how they feel. Bullying your child in never the answer.

This video was created by Veterans Memorial High School student, Fabian Gutierrez as a part of a class project. A beautiful animation about a boy who gets bullied and the detrimental possible consequences. Look for the signs and help your youngster before it's too late.