Kind And Safe Schools Club

Our year-long Kindness Programs are designed to keep the momentum going after our bullying prevention presentations. The purpose of this program is to engage ALL students to collaborate together on these projects and keep their attention on how to be kind to one another. Utilizing the Student Council, clubs and teachers (at least one teacher is needed to oversee the process at Elementary Schools) Youth Ambassadors are chosen and we will guide them every month through out the school year to set up their own Kindness Initiatives at their school. We encourage to have a different Youth Ambassador of Kindness every month to engage their own group of friends to implement each activity. 

In addition, each grade of every school we visit will receive our World Kindness Card so we can track the acts of kindness that are happening for each grade. World Kindness Cards keep a diary of the acts of kindness as it's passed around from person to person. Two weeks before the end of a year, we use the stories of kindness that are registered on each card to determine the King and Queen of Kindness who then will each receive our special Kindness Plaque from us. 

Every Youth Ambassador will receive a World Kindness Cards to keep.

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World Kindness Card

Please support our cause and receive a World Kindness Card. Your generous donation will directly fund our mission and is tax deductible through our fiscal sponsorship with OneOC, EIN #95-2021700

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