Do you have tendencies to bully others?


This means the one who bullies had suffered the pain of bullying at some point in their life and they have learned to bully from the one who'd bullied them, unfortunately sometimes from someone in their own family. It's very hard to learn the right way to resolve conflicts and deal with your own anger and frustrations when you've never been shown the right way to cope with them. But it's never too late to learn to be better and decide from now on that you will do better.

This is the perfect time to make that change and we are so glad you've landed on this page now! Studies show that bullies are significantly more likely than others to fail at school and experience depression, violence, and crime. That is definitely not the future to look forward to and the sooner you change that for yourself the better. Also those who get bullied often, at some point will start to fight back and depending on the amount of the anger built up, they may end up hurting you, others, and themselves badly. 

Good news is that if you decide to change today, you can change your future and even become the example for those who bully you. 


3 Lessons to always remember:


1. Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive your parents, and forgive those who have bullied you. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. Parents make mistakes too just as much as children do.  Forgive yourself for any mistakes you have done in the past and do better from now on.

2. Be Kind to Yourself and Others

Be kind to all specially those who are less fortunate than you.Try to be their friend and help them.  Helping people feels so much better that hurting them.  Studies show that doing an act of kindness improves the mood and health of the one doing the kind act as well as the one receiving it as well as anyone who observes this act being done. Try it once and you will feel the difference. Also have compassion for yourself. If you've been bullied before, you know how bad it hurts.  You need to make sure no one feels that pain. Now that you know better, choose to be better; choose to be a friend.

3. Care More about Your Future

Be more selfish!! Those kids you are picking on just because they are different are the people you may need the most in your future!  Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Mozart, Picasso, Dali, Walt Disney, Justin Timberlake, Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs ... all share a label: "DIFFERENT"!!! They were also given a diagnosis of Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism... but without them, we would not be the advanced society we are today.


These videos are picked just for you to demonstrate a few important  points you should know as you take this journey towards becoming your best self. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Check out this great video from Random Acts of Kindness and see for yourself why we choose Kindness. There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind! It is good for your health, you will live longer and live a much happier life!

Why does being kind make you happier? If the scientific video above wasn't enough this one shows how happy and fulfilled you will truly feel if you choose kindness.

Never underestimate those who live with a disability. A lot of them are super human; not only able to overcome some of their toughest challenges but also able to master some hard to believe skills. 

We know bullying is a learned behavior. When you get bullied it is very likely that you become a bully yourself... or... you can be the change. No one understands the pain of bullying better than you so let's help someone else by choosing to be a friend. We love this video, than you Kenowa Hills High School!!

Do bad words really make you feel bad? It can actually make you feel sick! Whether you're saying it or hearing it, the effect on our body is definitely not pleasant. But if you're the one first thinking it and then saying it, you're damaging your body twice as bad!! Watch this important video from Dr. Emoto and see how science can prove this point.  

Fighting physically can get very dangerous. Even if you think you're stronger and will win every fight, those you bully may get so frustrated & someday may bring a weapon to hurt you & everyone else! This has happened many times before and will continue as long as bullying continues. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself down and never get into a physical fight with another.

Sometimes all we see modeled to us and all we see around us is hurtful. This video shows the power of positive words... it feels good to make others happy. You will feel better as you see their faces light up... try it sometime!  Seeing what's good in other people and giving them a compliment is sure way to start building long lasting friendships. This video was done by Shea and has over 20 million views. 

Lloyd thought he's just defending himself against a bully and then he turned into a bully!!!  There's fine line and we all need to be careful and make a conscious decision not to cross it.  Learn that years later, the guilt gets to stay with you and cause many other problems.  Think about your future and stop before it's too late. 

The ones you bully, may have a disability that effects their social behavior. Be understanding of those who may not be as strong as you are. You may think it's fun for a little while to pick on them but the scars you're leaving them with can last for years to come. Be their friend. Protect them.

This video has had over 197 million views since 3 years ago. We know you can relate to this because at some point you've been there too. It reveals, so beautifully, how it feels to be bullied but also inspires us to stay hopeful. "Hopeful" by Bars & Melody.

Some people you pick on may become famous... very famous!! Make friends with as many people you can and those who are different. Invite diversity because those diverse people are the ones who will be the movers and the shakers of the world... your future-self will thank you later if you have friends like this!