Is your child being bullied?

Here's what you should do

  • Praise your child for coming to you for help. It takes a lot of courage for a child to tell an adult that they’ve been bullied. Reassure them that they are not alone, it’s not their fault, and that they’ve done the right thing coming to you. Offer comfort and support. 

  • Stay calm! Don’t react with anger or disappointment. Provide a safe and peaceful environment for your child to tell you everything about the incident.

  • Never blame your child. Never approach the bully’s parents. Never advise your child to engage in fighting the bully or to do what’s done to them. Encourage your child to come up with peaceful solutions.
  • Make a note of it all… the names of the children involved, the time, and the place at school. You will need all this information before you see the school counselor or principal.
  • The school principal is your best friend! Make an appointment to discuss solutions. Be calm and state all the facts. Remember that you both want the safety of your child.

  • Practice roll playing with your child: 

  1. Ignore the bully and walk away. 
  2. Tell the bully to STOP with a firm voice and continue to walk away. 
  3. Go to a crowded place and stay with friends. 
  4. Talk to an adult you trust.

  • Check back with your child and the school to make sure the problem is resolved.​

**P.S. Some schools may want to bring the bullied and bullies together at the office and have them talk, apologize and sort things out. This method has been proven to make things worst and increase bullying incidents for the bullied children. Please ask school principles and counselors to refrain from such treatment and provide support to each child involved individually and privately.  

Learn More

Please visit our Bullied page and watch all the videos together with your child. Ask, if she/he has felt or experienced any of the points discussed. Keep the line of communication open by being a compassionate listener without judging to make sure the line of communication always remains open with your child. 

Please sign up your child for individual counseling

Local Counseling Services